At the beginning of the 1980s Carlo Vittori, who was already a well-known and
experienced consultant together with his whole family bought his first piece of land
to the south /south west of Montalcino close to the hamlet of Castelnuovo dell’Abate.
At the time Carlo Vittori was quite a pioneer because the land in this area was
more or less abandoned, it was farmed by just a few families who cultivated grapes
and olives as their ancestors had always done in the past.
Today the ‘Azienda Molino di Sant’Antimo’ comprises about 40 hectares of land facing south to south west from about 200-250 metres above sea level down to the river Orcia. To one side Mount Amiata stands watch, when the ‘maestrale’ wind blows it brings the smell of the sea and the coast, to the other side the long ridge protects the land from the cold winds from the north and north east.
The land is a mixture of clay, marl and crushed stone rich in minerals.
The vineyards have been developed gradually.

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