This is the new entry at Molino di Sant’Antimo. Grapes of pure Sangiovese are carefully selected for its production, destemmed without pressing and after a short period of skins’ maceration are pressed. Fermentation and aging are in stainless steel at controlled temperature.



Classical dance is a sport that all of us girls practiced. I was fascinated by it, so much so that I often designed dancers. In reality, drawing was my favorite sport; I often stole brushes and watercolors from my dad and played as an artist, trying to simulate the great painters who had painted the colored paintings that I saw attached to all the walls. One day I drew a great dancer. I called her Gina, as a family friend I was very fond of. The drawing was noticed by a friend of Santa who decided to reward him with a splendid red frame. It took me a while to convince my sister to produce rosé with our Sangiovese. Strange case (but not much) a few days after the harvest of our Chardonnay 2020, Valeria calls me and with her typical expression of when she has to give me important news she tells me: this year we do rosé, I feel it is the right year .

And that’s how Gina, who has looked at us for all these years from his wall, with his eyes barely mentioned, becomes a symbol of our new form of Sangiovese, strongly desired by me, as if to remind us of the freshness of childhood, transparency of emotions, the wonder of a dream. ‘

Giulia Vittori