Ommio Merlot Toscana IGT

The cultivation of the so called “ International “ species at the Molino di Sant’Antimo, maintains the majority of the Merlot vine characteristics even if the local terroir and exposition are playing an important role. We favor early picking to best maintain the wine’s acidity and finesse as well as its potential for aging. Lower in color and tannin than Cabernet Sauvignon but no lightweight either. The bouquet of our Merlot is fresh and grapey with tender tannins and aromas, but also deep, full bodied and reach in flavors that hint at plums, berries, violets and herbs.


Time of aging: 18 months


Size of Barrels: Barriques of French Oak with the maximum capacity of 2,25 Hl.


Lenght of time in bottles before release: 3 months